L1 - Phonics Fundamentals - Age group (5 to 7 years)

Inspired by Jolly Phonics, the multi-sensory, step-by-step, child-friendly synthetic phonics methodology, our Phonics Fundamentals course helps the children decode the complicated English alphabetic code though songs, actions and brilliantly illustrated text books. Our experienced and well-trained teachers customise the programme to meet the needs of every child in the classroom. 

• Learn the 42 sounds of English with Jolly Phonics

• Blend the sounds to read words, phrases & sentences

• Identify the sounds in a word to spell (Dictation)

• Learn 72 frequently used tricky words

• Learn the 22 alternative vowel spellings

• Develop the ability to read age-appropriate books

• Make simple sentences for picture writing independently

We always strive to be the best Phonic class in Chennai 


L2 - Phonics Advanced - Age group (6 to 8 years)

Our advanced phonics course reinforces and consolidates the reading skills acquired already. The focus then shifts to spelling rules, spelling patterns and vocabulary development. As the children learn the spelling patterns, they are introduced to parts of speech, tenses and punctuation. They are encouraged to form simple, grammatically correct and well-punctuated sentences of their own. This step-by-step process develops excellent early writing and reading comprehension skills.

• Consolidation of phonics knowledge

• Learn spelling rules of English

• Learn spelling patterns and syllabication with Jolly Grammar

• Nurture the love for reading through exposure to books of International authors

• Understanding parts of speech and tenses with activities & worksheets

• Working knowledge of punctuations

• Developing reading comprehension

• Write simple, grammatically correct sentences

L3 - Great Grammar - Age group (8 to 10 years)

Independent and creative writing is the primary aim of this course. Extensive training is provided on identifying different parts of speech used in a sentence. The newly-learnt grammar skills are tested week-on-week through picture writing, re-writing stories, topic writing and other writing activities.

• Identify the different parts of speech in a sentencethrough Jolly Grammar

• Learn to use simple present, past and future with continuous tenses

• Learn irregular past tense forms

• Understand subject-verb agreement

• Learn to make interrogative and imperative sentences

• Enhance and hone the independent writing skills

• Learn various techniques and steps for writing creatively

• Learn and practice conversation structures and expressions through role play and dramatization.

L4 - Super Scholars - Age group (9 & above)

This course hones the students' language skills by using some of the well-known and most used technique in UK schools. Teachers encourage their students to read books from the class library; tools are used to gauge their reading ability /understanding through quizzes, book reviews and role plays. Writing would be taken to a higher level (structuring their language) by using previously taught grammar, vocabulary, connectives, sentence openers and punctuation. Thus, attain fluency and accuracy in writing.

• Rebuild the reading habit among children

• To evaluate students reading ability with reports

• To help students progress from one ZPD level to the next.

• To write with independently and creatively with higher standards

• To express their thoughts /opinions fluently and accurately

L5 Super Geniuss - Age group (10 & above)

This is an extension of Super Scholars. The students are given extensive training in preparing for their Cambridge KET qualification (A2 English Level).

Cambridge English - Qualifications

Online Phonics Classes For Kids - Jolly Phonics Online

Online Jolly Phonics Classes for Kids - Aged between 5 and 12 years. Contact 9884088958 

    We give online phonics trainings services for kids from any location. This is a 6-month course with online training, worksheets and assignments. The class will be handled by well-experienced teachers in the most interactive way.  Enroll now. 

Phonics Class - Fast Track course

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