L1 - Phonics Fundamentals - Learn Sounds and Letters

This course is suitable for Kindergarten children (aged 4 to 5 ) and the learning objective of this programme is as follows:

• Introducing the 42 Jolly phonics sounds with Jolly Songs.

• Matching sounds with pictures and identifying the letters.

• Introduce correct pencil hold and letter formation.

• Vocabulary development.

• Listening and responding to stories.

• Activities related to phonemic and phonological awareness.

L2 - Phonics Advanced - Read with ease

This course is suitable for Upper Kindergarten children (aged 5 to 6) and the learning objective of this programme is as follows:

• Learning the 42 Jolly phonic sounds and reading words.

• Consonant Blends and tricky words.

• Dictation .

• Choosing correct sentences for pictures.

• Introduction of Alternate vowel spellings

• Creative writing.

• Picture talks and sentence writing.

• Reading decodable readers.

• Retelling stories.

• Comprehending the language.

L3 - Great Grammar - Reading Wizards Level

There are two levels in 'The Butterflies' suitable for class I (aged 6 to 7) and class II (aged 7 to 8) and the learning objective of this programme is as follows:

• Recap of Jolly phonics sounds and alternative vowel spellings

• Spelling rules of English

• More of spelling patterns and syllables

• Learning the spellings of Tricky words

• Nuture the love for reading and exposure to books of International authors

• Creative writing

• Understanding grammar concepts with activities and worksheets

• Expanding sentences

• Use of Jolly Dictionary

L4 - Super Scholars - To speak and write better

The Great Grammar classes comes in different levels for students from class III to class V. Some of the topics covered include:

1. Rigorous practice of parts of speech

2. Sentence structure

3. Active and passive voice

4. Tenses & other concepts of Grammar

5. Phrasal verbs

6. Common mistakes at Elementary level and how to avoid them

Designed to improve the overall English competency across the four skills-speaking, listening, reading and writing, 

Our Course will also involve composition, group discussion, essay writing, and poster writing to instill confidence in children.


L5 - Super Genius - Training

Teacher Training - Training

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