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Phonics Power Educational Services LLP. is the leading learning provider for ‘Early Literacy Education’ in Southern India. Phonics Power has two wings - the after - school activity centre for English Language enrichment and the ‘Teacher Training Wing’

We offer various workshops for teachers in the field of ‘Teaching Literacy’. Ourclassroom experience enables us to deliver a well-structured training programme with plenty of hands-on activities. Phonics Power has played a significant role in the implementation of Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar in some of the reputed schools in southern India. Our trainings are most preferred and sought after.

Jolly Phonics Teacher Training

The two-day training will cover all the features of Jolly Phonics with lots of great ideas for activities, visual aids & games. The training will also involve detailed discussions on curriculum-planning based on the age group and skill level of the students. Sharing of effective classroom strategies and lesson plans for reading, spelling and independent writing.

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5000+ Teachers Trained | 300+ Schools Covered | 5,00,000+ | Students Reached

Jolly Grammar Teacher Training

The Jolly Grammar (Levels 1 – 6) consists of systematic teaching of new spelling patterns, grammar concepts and dictionary skills.The grammar session will cover several important grammar rules, parts of speech with colour coding and actions, parsing, punctuation, syllables, sentence structure, tenses and many more grammar concepts with lots of great ideas for activities, visual aids and practical games to make grammar learning exciting for the students.

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Phonics International

A synthetic phonics approach designed by Debbie Hepple white teaches the alphabetic code in a more structured way.In Phonics International, the English alphabetic code is taught explicitly and systematically as a reading & spelling programme for older learners. We deliver this training as a progression to our Jolly Phonics Training in schools to give a broader perspective to reading & spelling.

Creative Writing and Comprehension workshop

We understand the need to train pre & primary teachers on developing the comprehension and creative writing skills in their students. So currently, we are customizing this workshop at schools based on the books and curriculum they follow.

The teacher trainers are Shalini Devi and Sharmila Ravi who are accredited by Jolly Learning Ltd., UK.
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